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STL Game Trailer is a lucrative business that is completely turn-key and ready to go. Call Steve at 573-701-1925, or Email


Why STL Game Trailer?

1. It’s a business that makes people happy.

You will look forward to going to work, you will live a longer, healthier life and you will never grow bored of laughing, happy faces.

2. It’s a business with low overhead.

With minimal operating expenses, the profit ratio is very advantageous.

3. It’s simple to operate.

STL Game Trailer is an extremely simple small business to operate. 

4. It’s no longer secure working for “someone else.”

Gone are the days of working for someone else and prospering. The bottom can fall out of any business or any company …or any industry, no matter how stable. Now is the time to step up and work for yourself. All of your sweat goes into your pocket and you now have a shot at writing your own check as big as you deserve. Are you earning the check you deserve right now?

5. Two things aren’t going away: video games and parties.

Do you want a business that applies to a rare customer base? Or do you want a business that thrills nearly every average American household? Imagine entertaining people of all types with your own mobile game trailer —one of thefew choices for new businesses that do not require a 70-hour work week, but rather you choose the events you wish to accept.

It’s an excellent choice for a family business : your kids can help, assisting as Game Coaches and learning a sense of accomplishment and work ethic. It’s a simple, fun and safe business, so you can have family as a part of the process.

You don’t have hard manual labor — there is no heavy lifting, no stairs to climb, no dangerous chemicals, no dangerous tools and there is little cleaning or maintenance.

Why STL Game Trailer?

  • No franchise fees, no sharing your profits and no one controls your business but you
  • After you purchase your mobile theater, there are no more purchases or fees
  • No building to maintain — no health codes, leaky pipes or roofs
  • Be open and closed when you want — make your own hours
  • Great in all climates!
  • Your money goes to pay for the equipment, not regions or territories
  • No items to steal, no food to spoil, no inventory to count
  • No employees necessary
  • Low liability — no one is jumping around on your equipment
  • You are in a business that makes people happy
  • Inexpensive start up
  • Video games — the hottest industry in America
  • The most unique business opportunity anywhere
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tremendous earning potential
  • Video games — the hottest industry in America

What Is Included In the Purchase?

You are purchasing a turn-key game truck ready to earn. Complete with:

  • Insulated and climate controlled 28‘x 8.5’ trailer, non-slip floor, commercial 50 amp Cummins Onan generator, electric brakes, dual axles, 36” side door and dual rear barn door with security latch
  • Installed generator with a built-in fuel cell and interior start switch
  • Custom installed and wired with game systems, 4 – 50″ HD LCD TVs and sound bars
  • Ready to operate with generator
  • Fully wrapped trailer 
  • Setup with turn-key business features: company web domain and website.

Why Not Just Create My Own?

It’s a logical question. When you begin to price all of the components, parts, electronics, assembly, licensing and the specialized trailer, you will begin to see that it will cost you significantly more than what we charge you. Come on board with a business that has dominated the St. Louis market for 4 years, and continues to outshine the competition. 


You will have everything you need to start business right away.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. This industry is taking off! You won’t need to learn hard lessons, because our staff trains you from the ground up:

  • Operating the trailer, the generator, the games
  • Understanding the maintenance
  • Marketing the business, getting the parties and events booked

How Does This Process Work?

  • We are happy to send a detailed invoice to assist with getting your financing in order. If it helps, we are happy to share out business plan with you.
  • Once financing is approved, come pick up your new game trailer business and receive full hands-on training on your equipment. 
  • Be your own boss!
  • Interested?

Call us at 573-701-1925, or Email to receive more information directly to your email.








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